10th January 2013

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Dingus Khan went on a tour of the UK in the months of October and November and in the year 2012. 

They arguably filmed too much of it, or perhaps not nearly enough.

At some point this footage will appear on this blog.

Until then…

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31st August 2012

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Good Evening we are The Fall

Dingus Khan - a subservient conditional entity of Wilbur Alan Ltd - will be partaking in a music-led concert performance (see fig.1) in support of The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, and in a supporting role to The Fall (see fig.2).

Tickets are literally flying off the shelf.



12th August 2012

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Reading Festival Ticket Swindle

As you may have already heard, W A Ltd’s very own Dingus Khan will be exhibiting their noise at the Reading and Leeds festivals in just over two weeks time.

Wilbur Alan Ltd. takes great pleasure in being able to offer one lucky person a chance to win TWO lucky day tickets to Reading Festival on Sunday 26th August, where Dingus Khan will be playing at around 5pm.

Rather than simply giving the tickets away via raffle/tombola/hook-a-duck, we will instead be selecting a winner by means of Wilbur Alan Ltd’s Semi-googleable Internet-based Phone Number Treasure Hunt Adventure.

The details of Wilbur Alan Ltd’s Semi-googleable Internet-based Phone Number Treasure Hunt Adventure are as follows;

The eleven questions are as follows;
  1. Which number between 0 and 9 bears most resemblance to an Olympic bronze medal?
  2. What is the most frequently occurring second digit in mobile phone numbers?
  3. The Dingus Khan song, 'Fire Alarm' features counting; what number do they count to?
  4. In which season of The Simpsons, does Bart attempt to jump across Springfield Gorge?
  5. How many offices does the company Marcus Evans have in Africa?
  6. What is the 3rd digit of the Ipswich telephone area code?
  7. How many components are there in a two-part epoxy adhesive (such as Araldite)? 
  8. What was the highest UK Chart position of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’?
  9. If you were to visit Colchester Zoo and come across half of their Komodo Dragon population, how many Komodo Dragon’s legs would you see (assuming all legs are visible)?
  10. How many points did Norway’s women beat South Korea by to make the final of the 2012 Olympic Handball final?
  11. Which Rocky film featured Mr T, The Eye of the Tiger and Hulk Hogan?
Good luck.

Terms and Conditions;

The prize is a pair of tickets that will be won by one person. There will only be one winner.

The winner and their friend will have to pay a £15 charity donation on arrival at the festival in exchange for their ticket, we’re sorry, there’s nothing we can do about this, we’re not made of money.

The winner will have to arrange their own transport to and from the festival, we’ll struggle to get ourselves there, without having to think about you.

If possible it would be good if the winner could give our friend Mike a lift to the festival as well. 

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10th August 2012

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Dingus Khan’s second single, Made a List.

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28th July 2012


Reading and Leeds Festivals

It is understood by those at Wilbur Alan Ltd. HQ that one our primary subsidiaries, ‘Dingus Khan’, a ‘band’, will be playing their ‘music’ at the Leeds Festival in Leeds on the 24th of August as well as at the Reading Festival in Reading on the 26th August. They will be playing on the BBC Introducing stage at both events.

We suspect that these two events and their organisers may be in cahoots, as the list of acts booked for each event is remarkably similar.

While to some extent we fear the prospect of an organisation that has the power to put on an event of such scale, we admire the audacity of Dingus Khan in their attempt to subvert and sabotage a national event of this size, for the benefit and profits of Wilbur Alan Ltd.

The Pyramid expands.

20th July 2012

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Made a List

Dingus Khan (a semi-dependant fully-reliant sub-division of Wilbur Alan Ltd.) release their sophomore single this coming Monday (23rd) through Giant Haystacks. It will be available in a physical form that measures 7” in diameter, or in a non-existent space saving digital form that measures around 5 mb in diameter. 

As with any piece of W A Ltd marketing, the deal is as follows;

You buy one copy of Dingus Khan’s ‘Made a List’ for £3.99.

You persuade two further subsidiaries to purchase Dingus Khan’s ‘Made a List’ for £3.99.

You prove to us -by any means necessary- that it was in fact you that persuaded/forced these two underlings to part with their cash.

We reimburse you with your initial outlay of £3.99, plus a further £1.99.

                               Everybody climbs the pyramid - The Pyramid expands

8th July 2012

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Dingus Khan (a sub-division of Wilbur Alan Ltd.) play Latitude Festival in six days time.

They will be playing on the Lake Stage early on Saturday afternoon.

There are still tickets available here

The performance will be supplemented by various other forms of entertainment throughout the weekend as can be seen below.

6th July 2012



There will be a meeting for members of the Wilbur Alan Pyramid scheme at Olives in Norwich tonight. Entertainment will be provided by Dingus Khan.

Non-members are welcome but subscription to the scheme will be encouraged and there will be opportunities to do so throughout the evening. 

Bring an open mind. Let us close it.


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27th June 2012

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A brief introduction to Dingus Khan.

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27th March 2012


Ukulele God - JFroth

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